Genoa to Pisa Tour
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Genoa to Pisa              

8 days/7 nights
Genoa / Pisa

Dates: on request

Explore the seaside villages of the Italian Riviera.

Liguria is famous for it's beautiful coastline and picturesque villages, nestled between the Ligurian Sea and the foothills of the Apennine Mountains.

The ancient system of footpaths and trails were for centuries the only land link with the outside world. Life has not changed here in hundreds of years, and access to many of the places you will visit is limited to boats and walkers only. You'll wander along steep cobblestone streets lined with quaint, pastel houses and follow in the footsteps of the famous Etruscans along ancient trade routes.

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Day 1:

Meet in Genoa (Genova) and dive into the city's fascinating history during a private guided walking tour. (1 night)

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Day 2:

Journey to Camogli, a small seaport situated in Gulf of Paradise (Golfo Paradiso), 20 km east of Genoa.

Hike along a winding path through olive groves and gardens, toward the hamlet of San Rocco to enjoy the view over the bay, drinking a steaming cappuccino on the hilltop.

We already have entered the Parco di Portofino, a 600 meters high headland, stretching out into the sea for more than three kilometers. It is here that the mixed woods of central European origin meet the lush green Mediterranean vegetation. This remarkable wealth of natural beauty continues underwater with a myriad of marine micro-environments.
A well maintained path through woodland and macchia leads to the ancient Benedictine abbey of San Fruttuoso, located in a small bay which also houses the celebrated “Christ of the Deep” a statue resting on the seabed 15 meters below the surface.

A boat-transfer back to Camogli.
About 3.5 hours walking / ca. 200 m uphill

Accommodation in Camogli (2 nights)

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Day 3:

This day's walk starts in the elegant town of Santa Margherita Ligure, strolling along a sidewalk with palm-trees, villas and gardens, following little roads and pathways up into the forest. Old mills are to be visited along our wooden trails, before reaching today´s destination, the ancient fishing village of Portofino, stunningly located at the western tip of the Golfo del Tigullio Enjoy “la dolce vita” like the VIPs or make your way up to the ”castello”, before boarding the boat to Santa Margherita.

About 2,5 hours walking / ca. 200 m uphill

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Day 4:

Journey to Riomaggiore, one of the five hamlets of “Cinque Terre”
Hiking in this surreal environment has a charm, which is bound to please all of your senses as we spend a day walking among the olive groves, fig trees, red poppies and vineyards.
We begin along the romantic lover's lane “Via dell`Amore”, carved along the coastal cliff, from Riomaggiore to stunning Manarola. (A secured, flat and easy to walk wide paved trail.) This village built on a sheer cliff above the sea demands that we take our time wandering the narrow alleyways of colorful houses and shops that lead to its castle of 1273. Bright yellow lemon trees with deep green leaves and the sparkling blue sea as the backdrop impress even the novice photographer. Constantly 30 m above sea, our easy trail takes us further on to Corniglia the third coastal village, the only one located on a cliff above the sea.

A 15 minute uphill walk on a zic zac staircase is the price to enter this enchanting place.

Our trail takes us past the famed wine producing vineyards of Sciacchetra and leads us back to the coast into Vernazza. Here we are treated to a tasting of this special wine, once so highly valued that families would only serve it at extremely special events.
A very lush path that commands excellent views of the sea as well as a spectacular view of incomparable Vernazza--considered by many the most charming of the group.
Train back to Levanto where we'll stay 3 nights.

Levanto, its origin dates back to medieval times, many years a center for trading and agriculture. Today the charming village attracts for its long, beautiful beach and as an ideal starting point for the hikes to Cinque Terre and the surrounding area.

About 3,5 hours walking / partly uphill

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Day 5:

A very short train transfer to Vernazza, where we had ended our fourth day's hike. We absorb the ambiance of this village before starting on the trail to the last of the five villages, Monterosso al Mare --a great spot for a swim. Along steep vineyards, and small dry rock wall trails, up and down, meander back into the gorges that etch out the inspiring landscapes, we head for a village known for it's olive groves.
A great lunch place and time for leisure!

Those who want to relax the afternoon will take the train back. But of course there's more to hike, continue uphill to the Tower of San Antonio and walk all the way back home to Levanto. You will be treated by an outstanding view back to the five lands.

2-5 hours walking / partly uphill

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Day 6:

We leave the more crowded trails of the coast for a walk that is etched on the minds of many hikers as simply "the best".
From the tiny village of Riomaggiore you begin a glorious hike that takes in breathtaking views and offers insight into the people and culture of this region. The surrounding high steep slopes of a dramatic valley dotted with cleverly built homes leave a lasting impression, as does a lunchtime picnic of the local specialties. With fields of wild flowers and the scent of pine leading the way, we hike down to the tiny village of Campiglia where the onward trail of inspiring views over the Bay of La Spezia and Portovenere has everyone reaching for their cameras. (some steep drop-offs and rocky steps)

The Gulf of La Spezia is an almost perfect amphitheater; the bay is also known as the Gulf of the Poets and even in our day continues to attract and inspire men of letters and writers.
The village of Portovenere, guarded by two small islands, is located to the west. This striking, sea-faring village is unique of its kind in Liguria: the Doria quay is hemmed in by a number of tower-like houses, which effectively turn into a fortified citadel.
Ending this challenging hiking day, we board a boat for an offshore view of the five magical fishing villages and the rugged coastline that left them isolated for so many centuries.

5 hours walking / about two hours uphill

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Day 7:

A visit to the quarries of Carrara and a walk of the surrounding areas.
The Carrara marble quarries have been exploited since more than 2000 years. Carrara marble is very famous for the statuary quality, used by all the most famous sculptures in the world (Michelangelo, Canova, etc.). The first peak of extractive activity was in the roman period, during the imperial age the demand for Carrara marble rose since it became the most requested building stone for public buildings. Since then Carrara was a synonymous of marble and its marble was requested worldwide for buildings, statues, objects, etc. Till now, about one million tons of Carrara marble is quarried each year.

Easy hiking today!
Transfer to Pisa (1 night)

genoa - pisa
Day 8:

Pisa located in western Tuscany is known throughout the world for its famous Leaning Tower, but there is so much more to see than just this striking landmark. Enjoy a morning walk with a local guide for an insider's view.

After lunch it's time to say “arrivederci” to a wonderful area.

Level of walking: 3-4

Moderate, dramatic, undulating terrain with steep sections; varied paths, including some that are narrow and rocky
Hilly terrain which often involves going up and down steps; one challenging day with some steep drop-offs and steps; well groomed trails !

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Please read about our conditions and general informations on the special pages, accessable via the navigation on the left side.

This tour includes

- Daily country walks averaging 4-8 miles

- A group size of 4 - 10 participants

- Fine lodgings that exemplify the character and charm of each region and
  include private bathroom facilities

- Full breakfast daily and dinner with a glass of wine each evening

- Services and expertise of a professional, English-speaking local leader
throughout the trip

- Services of local guest experts on scheduled events

- Admissions to schedule sites

- All ground transportation, including ferries, trains, boats, lifts, etc. during the trip

- A part-time minicoach to accompany the group, carry luggage and offer
  opportunity to shorten walks, etc.

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