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8 days / 7 nights

A walker´s utopia - Discover the enchantment of Southern Italy.

Clinging low to the laces of Italy´s boot, you will find the stunning Amalfi Coast; and poised just off the shore in the turquoise waters is the island of Capri. Winding footpaths weave through charming towns and out to quiet promontories decorated with remnants of past civilizations. As evening falls, dining in this region invites an immersion of the palate into wonderfully fresh flavors of the land and sea, all prepared with distinctly Italian flair.
amalfi - capri
Day 1: Naples

Meet in Naples for a guided city walk of the historic city center, UNESCO protected world heritage site. (1 night)

Easy (sneakers acceptable);
guided walk approx. 2.5 hours
amalfi - capri
Day 2: Mt. Vesuvius - Pompeii - Amalfi

Mount Vesuvius, one of the most dangerous of the active volcanoes in Italy and in Europe seems sleeping peacefully in its dominant position in the center of Gulf, just like a body that embraces with its arms this mirror of water.
We´ll reach the base of the crater by private bus, from where we enjoy easy walking up to the rim, accompanied by a geological guide.

The second part of the day is filled with a visit and guided walk of nearby Pompeii, where we explore the well-preserved remains of this once-flourishing Roman city, frozen in time by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

In the late afternoon transfer to the coastal gem Amalfi (2 nights)

Craterwalk: easy with an ascent and descent of 150 m;
walking-time approx.1.5 hours
Pompeii: easy (sneakers acceptable);
guided walk approx. 2 hours

amalfi - capri
amalfi - capri
Day 3: “Valle dei Mulini” - Ravello

Historically famous for its naval strength, Amalfi was also a center for papermaking. Our walk takes us into the deep, shady “valley of the mills”, where remnants of ancient paper mills reveal its mighty past. The stone-paved old mule track ascends steadily, but not too steeply, passing close to some small waterfalls, through oak forest and lemon groves, finally reaching the tiny towns of Pontone and Scala, while the views of Amalfi and the coast far below make perfect “post card” photographs.
The afternoon is dedicated to spend in the romantic town of Ravello, perched high on a hilltop upon the seaside. Famous villas Rufolo and Cimbrone are worth to be seen, before returning back to Amalfi via minibus.
An after dinner stroll through the town´s narrow alleys provides an opportunity to admire the 11th century cathedral, featuring a unique blend of Moorish and European styles.

Moderate, with an ascent of ca. 400 m; length of ca. 8 km;
walking-time approx.3 hours
amalfi - capri
Day 4: “Sentiero degli Dei” - Positano - Capri

Starting in the hillside town of Bomerano, we follow the famous “Path of the Gods”, Italy´s number one coastal route, with stunning views of the sea and the dramatic coastline. As it implies, clinging high up on the coastal range, the trail runs through spectacular scenery with bizarre rock formation and luxurious vegetation, switching around and behind headlands. above Costa diviana, the divine coast.
After a well-deserved lunch in the town of Montepertuso, instead of descending many ancient stone steps, we may opt for a bus transfer to Positano, a picturesque, almost vertical town on the steep rocky slopes above the sea, with square flat-roofed buildings, reminiscent of the Saracen period. Once a small fishing village, today a well-known hideaway for artists and writers and a chic seaside resort.
Following a visit to Positano, we shuttle to Sorrento´s port to board a ferry to the Isle of Capri. (2 nights)

Moderate, with an ascent and descent of ca.200 m; length of ca. 8 km;
walking time approx. 3 hours
amalfi - capri
Day 5 : Anacapri - Monte Solaro

A special experience -not to be missed- is the short transfer on local busses from Capri to Anacapri.
The first part of the walk leads to the Migliara viewpoint with vistas of neighboring Ischia and Procida islands. Then, winding up along the coastal cliffs -however, never too close to the edge-, our trail gets steeper and culminates on top of Mt. Solaro, highest point of the island, where incredible panoramas surround us, rewarding the challenging hike.
A leisure way to descend is taking the chairlift back down to Anacapri, where´s time to relax, visiting the 18th century church of San Michele. The majolica tiles of Adam and Eve are among the finest examples of Neapolitan Baroque artwork.

Moderate to challenging with an ascent of 380 m and a descent of 80 m;
length ca. 6 km; walking-time approx. 2.5 hours (easier version possible)
amalfi - capri
Day 6 ; Villa Jovis - Sorrento

We spend the first part of this day exploring the island´s ancient artifacts that tell of life as the Greeks and Romans lived it centuries ago. This pretty walk meanders through the lanes of Capri, overlooking many gardens and homes, eventually reaching Villa Jovis, once palace of Emperor Tiberius. Among the wonderful views are the Faraglioni and Arco Naturale, the island´s rock formations carved by the sea.
For lunch we might savor a typical “Insalata Caprese” before catching the ferry to Sorrento. A short stroll from the harbor to our comfortable hotel -ideally located next to the main square, Piazza Tasso- gives first impression of this lively town.

Easy; length of ca. 6km; walking time approx. 2 hours
amalfi - capri
Day 7: Términi (Peninsula Sorrentina)

This day invites exploration around the lush hillsides, terraced with endless groves of olives, fragrant lemons and vineyards. Tiny rural lanes, winding through nearby villages, offering a peek into the local lifestyle.

amalfi - capri On our gently descending route through the countryside on cobbled ways and former mule paths, once the only roads connecting the network of hill farms and villages, we might stop for lunch to sample a fresh buffalo milk mozzarella, specialty of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Upon returning to Sorrento, you are free to browse the many shops or relax at the hotel. This last evening´s dinner might be crowned with a sip of ice cold limoncello, a liqueur obtained from an infusion of lemon peel of the region´s signature lemons.

Easy, with a gentle descent of ca. 280 m;
length of ca. 8 km;
walking-time approx. 3 hours
amalfi - capri

Amalfi - Isle of Capri

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amalfi - capri
Level of walking: 4 Moderate, dramatic, undulating terrain with steeper sections; varied paths including some that are narrow and rocky.
(easier options are possible)

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Please read about our conditions and general informations on the special pages, accessable via the navigation on the left side.

This tour includes

- Daily country walks averaging 4-8 miles

- A group size of 4 - 10 participants

- Fine lodgings that exemplify the character and charm of each region and
include private bathroom facilities

- Full breakfast daily and dinner incl. tablewater and a glass of local wine

- Services and expertise of a professional, English-speaking leader
throughout the trip

- Services of local guest experts on scheduled events

- Admissions to schedule sites

- All ground transportation, including ferries, trains, lifts, etc. during the trip

- A part-time minicoach to accompany the group, carry luggage and offer
opportunity to shorten walks, etc.

Not included:

- Flights and travel insurance

- Transport to/and from the starting/end point

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