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Venice & The Veneto

9 days / 8 nights

Veneto more than just Venice

The region of Veneto is the most diverse region in Italy: From the plains that stretch from the Adriatic shores of the Venetian mainland, through the fertile farmland north of the Po, to the Alpine foothills of the Dolomites. The contrast between the steep, sharply defined, exhilarating slopes of the foothills and the soft, dreamy plains is intriguing. An idyllic landscape of rolling green hills and vineyards crossed by canals and dotted with elegant villas of the Doges of Venice.
Boasting a host of marvelous and very ancient cities as well as beautiful small medieval towns, the Veneto is blessed with splendid architecture, among others legacy of the Venetian nobility.

villa duodo
Day 1: Àbano Terme

Meet and greet at the prestigious Grandhotel Trieste & Victoria, a historic 5-star hotel in the spa town of Àbano, a renowned holiday destination at the heart of the Euganean Hills: in fact the largest thermal field in Europe, and unquestionably the location where the culture of health and well-being has reached its highest level.

Our elegant hotel is located in a quiet pedestrian area, surrounded by a lovely garden, also boasting a brand new Thermal spa and offering excellent food - an ideal location for the next seven nights.

Day 2: Padua

Padua (ital. Padova), the 'City of the Saint', one of the most ancient cities in northern Italy and second oldest university town in Europe, famous also for its richness in art and architecture, offers endless stories to tell while strolling along its historic center.

Our city guide will make it an unforgettable day showing you the best sites of her town, featuring the 16th-century anatomy theatre in the Bo, the palazzo, which also houses the Law School where Galileo gave his lectures; the Scrovegni Chapel, showing the most complete cycle of frescoes produced by Giotto - a masterpiece in the history of painting in Europe in the 14th century; the Romanesque-gothic church of Sant'Antonio, one of the most richly decorated churches in all of Italy, the locals simply call it 'Il Santo'; the Prato della Valle, supposedly the largest piazza in all of Italy.
Not to forget famous Caffè Petrocchi, always worth a stop.

Citywalk: walking-time approx.3 hours (sneakers acceptable /appropriate cloths for churches necessary)

Day 3: Monte della Madonna

The Euganean Hills, one of the most original hilly areas in Italy: volcanic hills, born due to underground eruptions; signs of their origin are the hot waters of Àbano and Montegrotto, the Euganean spas. Traveling across the Venetian plain, in any direction, you'll meet with the outline of these soft hills, telling their greenery in the distance.
Our walk starts in Rovolon and meanders on a gentle uphill track, through woods and open spaces, dotted with some species of Mediterranean flora.
euganean hills

We continue walking onto the top of Monte della Madonna, a spiritual place, offering astonishing panoramic views over the entire hills. The small hut on Passo Fiorine will provide us with nourishing food, a good base before settling down to the serious business of wine tasting at a local winery.

monte della madonna
Moderate, with an ascent of ca. 300 m; descent of ca. 100 m; length of ca. 7 km; walking-time approx.3 hours

Day 4: The South Lagoon & Chioggia

An early morning bus-transfer to the Venetian Lagoon, an 'amphibious' region of land and water, with its actual 550 km2 (ca. 210 sqmiles) of surface considered the most extended Italian humid zone and one of the most important of the Mediterranean basin.

Explore this unique landscape aboard a private boat, accompanied by a naturalistic guide. Observe rare species of flora and fauna, and witness the typical casoni, the rural houses which were the reference points for fishermen and guardians of the fishing valleys, all set within a highly delicate ecosystem of canals, marshes, lagoons, reed thickets and sand bars.

Stopovers will take place not only for walks, but as well for lunch savoring fresh fish.

The nearby seaport town of Chioggia, also called little Venice, is in many ways a miniature replica, replete with a vast cathedral, fine palazzi and a warren of canals. Enjoy a cappuccino on Corso del popolo, the main street of this picturesque town, before transferring back home.

Easy, length of ca. 6 km; walking time approx. 2 hours

Day 5: Àrqua Petrarca & Este

Todays`s walk will take part in the area of Arquà Petrarca, the small enchanting village, in the green silence of the Euganean Hills with more than 2000 years of history; it appears to have magic remained in the Middle Ages.

Arquà Petrarca
With our easy loop around Monte Calbarina, we enter another world, a world dedicated to wine growing and the preservation of ancient traditions. Jujube liqueur and sweets are definitely the most original products of Arquà Petrarca, but not the only one, we can taste enjoying a picnic out in the open.

In the afternoon there is time to wander Este, an ancient town inhabited since time immemorial. A millenary tradition is the production of ceramic plates, which are exported all over the world.

Easy with an ascent and a descent of ca.100 m; ca. 7 km; walking-time approx. 2 1/2 hours

Day 6: Bassano del Grappa & Marostica

Today we head north into the alpine foothills. Here, at the point where the cool, clear waters of the river Brenta emerge from the Dolomites you will find Bassano del Grappa, famous for both its alpine bridge designed by Palladio, whose designs have influenced architects all over the world, and for being the home of 'Grappa'. We´ll take time to visit the historic center of this ancient town with its arcaded streets and frescoed houses.

bassano - ponte degli alpini
bassano - vineyards
Our day´s walk takes us along vineyards, olive groves, woods and farmland, follow gentle slopes up and down hills at the foot of the Asiago plateau.

We lunch on local products at a farm, eventually reaching the charming town of Marostica, famous for its outdoor chess game held in the cesntral square with human pawns dressed in medieval costumes.

villa duodo

In the late afternoon, on our transfer back home, we´ll stop at Poli distillery, one of the stars of Italian 'grappa' production, for a guided tour and tasting of this traditional spirit.

Easy to moderate; with an ascent and descent of ca. 300 m; ca. 10 km; walking time approx. 3,5 hours

Day 7: Battaglia & Monselice

Starting point for our pleasant walk is Battaglia Terme. Surrounded to the west by the Euganean Hills and delimited to the east by a network of waterways linking Padova, Este and the lagoon of Venice, the town has been for centuries the nodal point of a vast network of traffic and commerce and an important river port. Water was also the main source moving mills, saws, hammers and the local paper mill, which enhanced the flourishing artisan activity.
Battaglia Terme
villa duodo In contrast we admire the opulence of the Venetian empire shown by the imposing Castello del Catajo or the palatial Villa Selvatico. Lunch will be served in a cheerful 'trattoria', where the owners stand for hospitality.

Monselice, the fortified town perched against the Rocca hill, still shows his medieval character. A delightful spot to visit, walking up the old cobble stone lane to the well-known Sanctuary of the 'Seven Churches' and Villa Duodo, designed by the famous architect Scamozzi.

Easy; with an ascent and descent of ca. 100 m ; 8 km; walking-time approx. 2.5 hours


Day 8: Venice, the capital

Our week will be crowned by wandering Venice (ital. Venezia), the world's most romantic city and certainly the most remarkable one.
villa duodo A professional local city guide will pick us up at Venice train station Santa Lucia, showing you the intimacy of her city, by walking off-the-beaten-tracks, maybe tracing Donna Leon's 'Commissario Brunetti', while admiring the countless treasures of the Most Serene Republic.

Rounding off our trip we can partake in the traditional 'cicheto' and 'ombra' (snack and drop of wine), before taking a boat ride on famous Canale Grande passing numerous beautiful palaces.

At days end settle into your elegant Venetian hotel and enjoy your last dinner night overlooking the Grand Canal.
Day 9: Departure

Our unforgettable journey on foot through another interesting part of Italy will conclude after breakfast and we have to say ciao to our fellow walkers and wave arrivederci to Venice & the Veneto.
goodbye venice

Venice & The Veneto

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italy overview veneto
Level of walking: 2-3 Easy to moderate, on some days undulating terrain with steeper sections; varied paths including some that are narrow and rocky; slippery when wet.
- Shorter versions possible -

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Please read about our conditions and general informations on the special pages, accessable via the navigation on the left side.

This tour includes

- Daily country walks averaging 4-7 miles

- A group size of 4 - 10 participants

- Fine lodging that exemplify the character and charm of the region and
include private bathroom facilities + free use of the Hotel's Spa facilities

- Full breakfast daily and dinner incl. tablewater and a glass of local wine

- Services and expertise of a professional, English-speaking leader
throughout the trip

- Services of local guest experts on scheduled events

- Admissions to schedule sites

- All ground transportation, including boats, trains, etc. during the trip

- A part-time mini-coach to accompany the group and offering
opportunity to shorten walks, etc.

Not included:

- Flights and travel insurance

- Transport to/and from the starting/end point

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